Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Apollo Kitchen Equipment has been in business for over 36 years and is one of India’s leading Commercial Kitchen Equipment Exporter. Apollo Kitchen Equipments is recognized as a global leader in heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer, supplier, and exporter for all types of commercial kitchen equipment such as Hotel Kitchen Equipment, Restaurant Kitchen Equipment, Canteen Kitchen Equipment, and Cafeteria Kitchen Equipment. Knowing that every customer has a perception of good quality in the designs of products and services. They bring customization to the market, making it easier for everyone to access modular kitchens. India is the largest exporter of commercial kitchen equipment. 


We specialize in developing customized commercial kitchen solutions. Apollo Kitchen Equipment has over a half-century of history as a manufacturer, supplier & exporter of commercial kitchen equipment. We have developed a wide variety of commercial kitchen equipment to meet various needs and become one of the top brands in India. Our mission is not only for supporting our customers but also to provide wealthy eating habits and contribute to the food culture of human beings.


• Corrosion resistant
• Easy operation
• Dimensionally accurate


Manufacturing Imported Equipment

  • Preparation of detailed drawings for each piece of equipment to be manufactured.
  • Choosing the highest quality material for manufacturing.
  • Ensuring proper functioning of equipment before delivery.

Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Preparing blueprints for the exhaust system’s configuration.
  • Choosing the appropriate exhaust ducting size.
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