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We at Apollo Kitchen Equipment are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sink. Our Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sink are made from the finest quality material coming from renowned foundries. These Kitchen Hand Wash Sinks are usually kept at a distance from the cooking area so that hygiene and cleanliness are maintained. The layout of the product is in such a way that it allows for easy maintenance. The sinks have adequately been emptied and have both cold and hot water supplies. It has a clogged waste pipe in it. Our Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sinks from Apollo Kitchen Equipment can have hot running water that can be modified to maximum degrees, and the hand wash sink station must also be recognized by an indication, as these requirements are intended to assist workers and avoid them from having to wash their hands at the incorrect kitchen sink. Typically, Commercial Kitchens include two sinks so that employees may wash their hands in one and wash the dishes in the other. Pot Wash Sink, Soiled Dish Table, Three Sink Unit, Waste Dish Collection Trolley, Clean Dish Rack, two types of Food Waste Disposer, and Pot Rack are some of the wash area equipment’s that we manufacture, supply, and export.

Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sink

Apollo Kitchen Equipment’s Wash Area Machinery is one of the most successful products in the Commercial Kitchen Equipment Industry.The commercial kitchen hand wash sinks at Apollo Kitchen Equipment’s Not only manufacture Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sinks but also are manufacturers, supplier and exporter varieties of Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s.

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