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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Food Waste Disposers at Apollo Kitchen Equipment since it is a vital equipment in any commercial kitchen, including restaurants, canteens, hotels, and cafes. No blades are used in any of Apollo Kitchen Equipment’s food waste disposers. Instead, we use impellers mounted on a spinning plate to drive food waste particles against a grind ring using centrifugal force.

That ring effectively liquefies the food waste by breaking it down into very small particles.The food waste disposer is a necessary kitchen appliance that keeps commercial kitchens clean and odor-free. The vast majority of wasted food, such as adsorbent material, fruit and vegetable trash, and leftovers, can be crushed with our extremely solid grinder. The powerful motor guarantees that all of the food scraps are finely ground. The food waste disposer and trap can both be put under the kitchen sink. Our best-in-class food waste disposers are fitted with a big anti-corrosion chamber, as Apollo Kitchen Equipment evolves with new times and technological advances.

Food Waste Disposer

Because Apollo Kitchen Equipment is all about developing and innovating new products, these food waste disposers are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and dimensions, as well as being custom designed to meet the needs of the customer. Our tried-and-true food waste disposers work quietly and efficiently. They are a popular choice amongst our consumers owing to its low noise functioning.

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