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Apollo Kitchen Equipment is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of commercial kitchen equipment of various types. With the support of our CAD skilled professionals, we not only produce kitchen equipment, but we also assist various food services businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, and canteens in designing and building unique and imaginative commercial kitchens. Our commercial kitchen equipment includes Combo Ovens, Convection Ovens, Dishwashers, Hand Wash Sinks, Storage Bins, Shelf Racks, Trolleys, Vegetable Preparation, Meat Processing, Bakery or Pizzeria Equipment, Coffee Machines, Table Top Equipment, Ice Cube Machines, Juicers, Refrigeration, and Freezers, among other things.One of the main products manufactured at Apollo Kitchen Equipment is our Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sink. They’re crafted of the highest-quality materials sourced from reputable foundries. These Kitchen Hand Wash Sinks are often maintained a strategic distance from the kitchen area in order to maintain hygienic environment. Pot Wash Sink, Soiled Dish Table, Three Sink Unit, Waste Dish Collection Trolley, Clean Dish Rack, two types of Food Waste Disposer, and Pot Rack are just a some of the commercial kitchen hand wash sinks that we develop, sell, and export.

Besides that, we have a Research & Development team that assists in the creation and innovation of new equipment as a result of technological advances. Our company has expanded exponentially over the last three decades, completing various significant commercial kitchen projects in industries such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, corporate institutions, dairy farms, universities and hospital canteens.

Our primary goal is to increase our exports and establish ourselves as a key component supplier to kitchen equipment manufacturers. As technology advances, Apollo Kitchen Equipment strives to stay up with the times. As automation is a new era, we want to manufacture Automated Modern Kitchen Equipment and set up strong exports in Southeast Asia, the Gulf, and Africa. Our mission at Apollo Kitchen Equipment is to provide products from across the entire collection of food equipments. The company is looking forward to delivering creative solutions that combine efficiency and energy savings. We aspire to be committed to high standards in design, manufacturing, setup, and after-sales services, just as we are top quality.

Food Waste Disposer
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