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All types of commercial cooking equipment for canteens are manufactured by Apollo Kitchen Equipment. In a canteen, any commercial range is accountable for a wide range of functions. A commercial range is a piece of canteen kitchen equipment that comprises different cooking sections that use gas, electricity, or induction, allowing users to employ many cooking methods in one piece of equipment. Because of its capacity to provide more exact and immediate temperature management, the industrial gas range is increasingly popular.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Canteens
While typical electric ranges from Apollo Kitchen Equipment use coils to cook, smooth top electric ranges allow you to cook directly on the flat surface. Electric induction ranges have cooler stovetops than continuous high-voltage ranges, but they require special magnetic cookware to work. Apollo Kitchen Equipment offers a variety of sizes and top configurations to meet the needs of a canteen. Most canteens will require an industrial range that is either heavily loaded or normal. Larger canteens will want to go with a massive type because it is built to withstand the demands of an elevated kitchen, whereas smaller canteens will simply want a conventional, cafe model.This type of Apollo Kitchen Equipment mixers can spin at a high speed and handle large kgs of batter. If users do not have to mix a thick batter, a circular mixture is the solution to go. When compared to a spiral mixer, these have a slower mixing speed yet can be used to make everything from heavy cream to mashed potatoes. Circularmixers are offered at Apollo Kitchen Equipment in both tabletop and floor models, letting users to choose what best suits their canteen’s size.
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