Commercial Hot Plate

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Apollo Kitchen Equipment is listed among the most reputed Commercial Hot Plate Manufacturers and Advanced Commercial Hot Plate Suppliers from Ahmedabad, India. Commercial Hot Plates are ideal for use with other gas cooking equipment such as commercial char grills and commercial deep fryers.

Apollo KitchenEquipment is a leading manufacturer of Commercial Hot Plates, which have a flat surface and an integrated electric heating element for cooking or warming food. Hot Plates are frequently mistaken for stoves, but there is a tiny difference between then and which is that both produce and transfer heat on to a cooking vessel by placing the cooking vessel on top of the heating element, but a hot plate is typically a single, portable heating device. A stove, on the other hand, is usually immovable and comprises four or more heating components.There are significant differences between inductions and hot plates too. Apollo Kitchen Equipment’s hot plates are typically one- or two-burner types, but as technology is evolving, with the help of our experts at Apollo Kitchen Equipment’s, we also have three-four type burners. Standard electric plates can be used with any cookware, however, induction hot plates can only be used with induction-compatible cookware, such as most stainless steel or cast iron.

Commercial Hot Plate

Apollo KitchenEquipment manufactures a wide range of culinary equipment, including deep fat fryers, electric frying pans, and electric frying pans. Hot plate with oven, Griddle Plate, Hot plate, Idli Steamer, Idli Steamer with Boiler, Masala Trolley, Pot burner, Salamender, Sandwich Griller, Steam Kettle, Tandoor, Three-Burner, Electric Tilting Bratt Pan, Tilting Boiling Pan, Tilting Bratt Pan, Tilting Bratt Pan, Two Burner, Boiling Pan, Bulk Fryer, Chapati Plate and Puffer, and Chinese Burner. Apollo Kitchen Equipment’s is a leading Tilting Bratt Pan and Tilting Boiling Pan Manufacturer in India and around the world, as well as a top manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Commercial Hot Plates.

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