Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sink

Our range of Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sink is used to wash the hand and find its applications in industrial canteens, restaurants, and fast food centers. Washing your hands in an essential part of food prep and service, and our range of commercial hand wash basins are perfectly suited to any catering or hospitality environment, featuring strong stainless steel constructions.

Our Commercial Kitchen Hand Wash Sinks from Apollo Kitchen Equipment can have hot running water that can be modified to maximum degrees, and the hand wash sink station must also be recognized by an indication, as these requirements are intended to assist workers and avoid them from having to wash their hands at the incorrect kitchen sink. 

Commercial Hot Plate

Commercial hot plates function just like any range top to cook up your signature items, they just fit on the countertop and demand much less space than a restaurant range. Hot Plates are frequently mistaken for stoves, but there is a tiny difference between them and which is that both produce and transfer heat onto a cooking vessel by placing the cooking vessel on top of the heating element, but a hot plate is typically a single, portable heating device.

Commercial Vegetable Cutter

Commercial Vegetable Cutter is technically advanced and is used in cutting different kinds of vegetables, fruits, cheese, and other food items. Apollo Kitchen Equipment’s Commercial Vegetable Cutter has the facility of automatic feeding & discharge which in turn saves time. This machinery has a tubular feed-throat that is used to cut different long-shaped vegetables. These machines come with various contacting parts that are made of stainless steel and aluminum that is completely clean. The shafts, discs, blade, and bushings are made using stainless steel that is easy to clean and therefore hygienic.

Commercial Kitchen Storage Bin

We don’t simplest promote one sort of industrial kitchen storage bin; we make a selection of them at Apollo kitchen system on a big scale. We make grain garage boxes, factor boxes, oil can racks, platform trolleys, potato onion bin storage, dunnage racks, mobile vegetable garage racks, and vegetable rack trolleys at Apollo kitchen equipment. These merchandises are created with maximum safety and in compliance with the relevant standards at the Apollo kitchen system. The Commercial Kitchen Storage Bin has a clear commencing and a movable cowl, offering simple identification and get entry to huge component storage, as well as casters for brief and clean mobility.

Commercial Kitchen Storage Bin Manufacturer

Commercial Bakery Trolley

Apollo Kitchen Equipment has been a proficient stainless steel bakery rack trolley for all types of commercial kitchens and catering purposes. Commercial Bakery Trolley Bread Baking Cooler Tray Rack Trolley Bread manufactures Line Equipment Accessories. A bakery rack is a useful part of kitchen equipment that helps to complete your baking job quickly. Sometimes referred to as a bakery rack, our bakery trolley is ideal for the foodservice and catering industries.

Commercial Bakery Trolley.

Commercial Conveyor Pizza Oven

Preparing a perfect slice of pizza requires a good oven. It is very essential to bake pizzas at the right temperature otherwise your pizza will burn and become stiff and hard. The pizza needs to be baked inside the commercial pizza oven to get the flexible cheese layers and the perfect topping developing complete flavors.
Now, as the market has a variety of ovens to offer, most of the customers get confused and buy low-quality manufactured goods. Therefore, we have designed our products so well that their exterior can just make you believe that.

Commercial Conveyor Pizza Oven

Commercial vertical chiller

Apollo Kitchen Equipment is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vertical chillers for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and canteens. As the demand for store food items and beverages throughout peak hours increases, commercial kitchens need a high-capacity vertical freezer or reach-in freezer. We provide vertical chillers in a variety of sizes and capacities that have provided great boundaries to our commercial clients in preserving the original taste of food articles. We produce a variety of vertical chillers that includes Vertical Refrigerators, Under Counter Refrigerators, Under Counter Display Chillers, and Water Coolers.

Commercial vertical chiller

Wire shelf rack

We are a manufacturer of customized wire shelf racks that are used for steel wire products, refrigerator wire shelves, wire rack baking, and Refrigerator Wire Racks offered by Apollo Kitchen Equipment. Wire Shelves allows air-circulation around stored items in your Rack system & offer improved visibility for overhead storage; it’s our popular product developed by wire shelf racks to replace wood and another type of metal materials for walk-in cooler shelving

Wire Shelf Rack

Food Waste Disposer

The food waste disposer is a garbage disposal unit; it is a powerful mechanical device that is used for household waste management which is discreetly installed under a kitchen sink among the trap and the sink’s drain. Food waste disposal ultimately disposes any food waste into tiny particles virtually like it is grinding in the machine. This type of food disposer is designed to demands of clients for handling a small amount of foods waste in commercial & household kitchens and galleys

Food Waste Disposer

Live Cooking Counter

Live Cooking Counter; We have crafted a mouth-watering catalog of live-counter food items which will depart the wedding and party guests wanting more & more. Also, watch amazement as our chef’s expert get ready your dish right in front of your eyes. To prepare live cooking counter’s dishes on demand Cook, Appetizer, Chef for Evening Snack, Veg, Non-Veg Snacks, Chat, and Street Food. We can Book a Chef for Birthday, Marriage, Kitty Party, High Tea at Home

Live Cooking Counter
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