Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in India

The types of equipment necessary in a kitchen varies depending on the tasks performed in a certain type of hotels. Our customers can obtain everything from complex cooking ranges to steamers, ovens, grills, and fryers from Apollo Kitchen Equipment. 

Commercial Kitchen Equipments for Hotels

The equipment produced by Apollo Kitchen Equipment for hotels is user-friendly and takes into account the catering staff’s existing skills. Cleaning and maintaining the equipment is a simple. If the equipment is advanced, it comes with a manual that contains information in the form of basic steps that is clearly shown on the device, and a copy should be kept in the kitchen to avoid any discomfort.When acquiring commercial kitchen equipment from Apollo Kitchen Equipment, customers do not have to worry about quality, installation, or pricing. It is essential to choose equipment that is verified to be safe. Guards and locks will be supplied when in use and while not in use to prevent fatalities. The Apollo Kitchen Equipment combo ovens is genuine because of the fact that they cook with both dry and steam heat. Because humidity may be restored, it is energy efficient and helps prevent food contraction in baking. Heat is dispersed by fans, giving them the same benefit as convection ovens.Hotels can choose from a variety of fryers manufactured by Apollo Kitchen Equipment, including normal and pressure fryers with automatic, semi-automatic, or hand-operated features. These commercial hotel kitchen equipment and supplies are simple to run, maintain, and are also cost effective.

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